The Principles Applications and Advantages of ChatGPT

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The principles applications and advantages of ChatGPT

This reminds me of the overseas version of moomoo, the investment app by Futu NiuNiu. Over 70% of Futu's team are focused on product development and research, using technology to simplify investment trading. With just one account, you can trade in US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, Australian stocks, Singapore stocks, China A-shares, funds, forex, futures, bonds, and more, with a global focus.

Recently, ChatGPT has been gaining popularity. If you want to know which concept stocks have been hot, simply search for ChatGPT and you'll find plenty of information on both US and Hong Kong stocks, not just the familiar tech giants like Microsoft and Google, but also potential stocks that you might not have heard of before.

For example, if you're interested in a stock like TSMC and want to know its potential, including Wall Street analysts' ratings, target price predictions, as well as positive and negative signals, moomoo has it all neatly organized for you, covering financial, technical and fundamental aspects.

Moomoo not only provides this information for free, but also presents it in easily understandable graphics and charts. It also updates real-time global AI-related news, which is conveniently translated for you. In addition to ChatGPT, there is also a section called "Concepts" on the app where you can explore different investment themes such as robotics, IoT and more.

With lightning-fast quote updates and the ability to place orders in as little as 0.0037 seconds, it's clear that moomoo is committed to making technological breakthroughs in the investment industry.

ChatGPT has truly revolutionized the way many of us, including myself, think about chatbots. In just two short months, ChatGPT has surpassed one hundred million monthly active users, making it the fastest-growing chatbot in history. While impressive data doesn't necessarily equate to an outstanding product, in this case, ChatGPT's disruptive capabilities have left a lasting impact on users.

One aspect that sets ChatGPT apart is its ability to answer questions with natural language responses, rather than giving a pre-programmed answer. As a user, it feels like you're having a conversation with a real person instead of a programmed robot. Each response is calculated based on probability and context, which allows for personalized interactions. For instance, if the previous message mentioned good weather, ChatGPT might use the context to calculate that the next sentence should be positive.

To achieve this level of sophistication, ChatGPT utilizes a large language model that predicts the next word or sentence based on relatedness to the previous text. With billions of parameters and texts, the machine forms a massive neural network that can identify patterns and relationships. It doesn't need any programming knowledge or pre-defined scripts to produce content; it merely learns by observing.

However, as sophisticated as ChatGPT is, it's still a language model and occasionally makes logical errors. These flaws occur because it doesn't understand the meaning behind the words but relies solely on statistical probabilities. For instance, when asked a moral or ethical question, ChatGPT may give inappropriate or offensive answers. It's because the algorithm doesn't comprehend the context or implications behind the query.

Nevertheless, ChatGPT's advancements are remarkable, and it poses an interesting question: at what point does ChatGPT's imitation become genuine understanding? Although current versions of ChatGPT appear to imitate human-like conversations well, they are still far from comprehending the nature of human thought. Regardless, ChatGPT's capabilities are impressive and are rapidly expanding the way we interact with technology.

Ah, this is getting deep. One of the biggest breakthroughs ChatGPT has accomplished is significantly enhancing communication efficiency between humans and machines. Human communication relies mainly on text, whereas computers rely on code. Previously, people had to learn how to program before communicating with computers, and then they had to convert their thoughts into a language which computers could understand. Even when searching for information, individuals had to type in keywords to retrieve results. With the introduction of language models like ChatGPT, computers can now understand human language, allowing us to converse with them directly without any programming knowledge.

While many marvel at ChatGPT's ability to execute tasks flawlessly, its most impressive feature is its ability to accurately comprehend user queries and contextually extract relevant information from its vast database. This powerful interface allows for an easier delegation of tasks to machines, resulting in increased productivity.

Imagine connecting ChatGPT with a language recognition system like Siri and integrating professional analysis interfaces like AI stock analysis, coding, and computing. Add visual generation capabilities, and you've got yourself a personal assistant like Tony Stark's in Iron Man. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to help you calculate the Mobius strip, it will provide an answer, and you can respond, "Great job!" ChatGPT opens up so many possibilities, and with its popularity, Microsoft, its major shareholder, is likely ecstatic. Microsoft invested an additional $10 billion in OpenAI in January, raising its valuation to $29 billion. Moreover, after investing $10 billion, Microsoft demanded 75% of OpenAI's profits until the investment was repaid in full. Microsoft also holds a 49% stake and expects a potential 100-fold return on investment.

On February 7th, Microsoft announced that it would integrate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. However, one issue with ChatGPT is that it has only been trained on data up to 2021, meaning it doesn't have knowledge of recent events. When combined with Bing's search capabilities, users can use ChatGPT for logical queries and Bing to retrieve information or news. For example, if you ask ChatGPT about someone named Xiao Lin, it will admit it doesn't know, but if you ask Bing, it will provide a detailed answer about the individual as an inspiring role model for those pursuing their dreams. Microsoft has also made the chat function exclusive to its Edge browser, demonstrating its marketing prowess. Overall, this combination of marketing and innovation deserves top marks.

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