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What is an air conditioning filter?

An air conditioning filter's function is to filter the outside air, filtering out solid impurities such as dust and grinding particles, absorbing harmful substances and moisture in the air, ensuring that the air inside the car is fresh, odor-free, and free of pollutants.

Harm caused by not replacing the air conditioning filter in time
The role of the air conditioning filter is to filter the air. However, after prolonged use, the air volume that the air conditioning filter can filter will decrease. At this time, we may feel that the wind blowing from the air outlet is not as strong or not as large. In addition, in humid environments, the air conditioning filter is prone to mold and bacterial growth, which can cause musty or odor when using the air conditioning. Furthermore, there may also be activated carbon in the air conditioning filter, and the adsorption and filtration function of activated carbon used for a long time will also decrease. Therefore, the air conditioning filter needs to be replaced regularly, usually once a year.

Low-quality air conditioning filters are difficult to filter impurities due to rough workmanship and poor material quality. The low-quality air conditioning filters use ordinary paper, so the quality is poor and it is easy to produce mold, which is very harmful to your body when you use the air conditioning. Like air filters, air conditioning filters are generally located in the passenger glove box of the car and are relatively easy to remove. You can check them yourself while driving.

Classification of air conditioning filters
Air conditioning filters are generally divided into two categories: ordinary air conditioning filters and activated carbon series air conditioning filters. Ordinary air conditioning filters are usually made of a specific environmentally friendly filtering material that has been processed and folded, mostly white single-layer. The activated carbon series air conditioning filter is made of activated carbon filter cloth made by compounding two non-woven fabrics with tiny particles of activated carbon sandwiched in the middle, and then deep processing into an air conditioning filter. Ordinary air conditioning filters can only suppress the entry of dust and particles, while activated carbon series air conditioning filters can use the physical properties of activated carbon particles themselves to adsorb other small particles in the air and more harmful substances during a short period of time when the air passes through blockage.

Which brands are available for air conditioning filters?
Replacement techniques for air conditioning filters
In the scorching summer, air conditioning is a necessary "cooling artifact" for home use, which can bring us a cool and comfortable summer. Today, PChouse will chat with you about the brands that air conditioning filters have, and let's learn about the replacement techniques for air conditioning filters together.
I. Which brands are available for air conditioning filters?

    Bosch Air Filter
    Bosch is one of Germany's largest industrial companies, engaged in automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer goods, and construction technology industries. When Mr. Robert Bosch founded the company at the age of 25 in Stuttgart in 1886, he positioned the company as a "factory for precision mechanics and electrical engineering." Bosch has more than 230,000 employees and operates in more than 50 countries with its innovative cutting-edge products and system solutions.

    Mann Filter
    Mann Filter is one of the sub-brands of German Mann+Hummel. In the Chinese after-sales market, Mann Filter is the only filter brand promoted by Mann+Hummel. In the filter industry, Mann Filter is a high-quality filter brand that always adheres to the main engine assembly standards. Any Mann Filter product quality meets the host manufacturer's mainframe assembly standards.

II. Replacement Techniques for Air Conditioning Filters

    Open the glove box cover for replacement
    Japanese cars usually install the air conditioning filter at the rear of the passenger glove box. To replace the air conditioning filter, first open the glove box cover.

    Remove the fixing clip
    Find the fixing clip on the right side of the glove box and pull it outward with force. Take off the fixing clip of the glove box cover to remove it.

    Squeeze the glove box towards the middle
    Use both hands to squeeze the sides of the glove box towards the middle, and the glove box can be removed. After removing the glove box, you can see the air conditioning filter cover plate. Press the fixed clips on both sides of the cover plate hard, and the cover plate can be removed.

    Install the filter
    Install the new air conditioning filter and restore it to its original position in reverse order (pay attention to the installation direction of the air conditioning filter). The air conditioning filter is an important decoration inside the air conditioning system and is highly valued for its excellent filtering effect. If you want to maintain your air conditioning, you need to replace your air conditioning filter regularly. You can use the above method to replace it and keep your air conditioning clean and tidy.

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