What are the Characteristics of Air Filters

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What are the characteristics of air filters?
Air filters can be divided into HEPA air filters, pre-filters, and their features include the ability to take in a large amount of indoor air. Air filters are widely used in the purification of workshops and manufacturers' air conditioning fans in fields such as optical electronics, LCD production, biotechnology, instrumentation, beverage and food, PCB packaging and printing.

Air filters, pressure regulators, and pneumatic tri-joints are called pneumatic three components. In order to obtain various functions, these three types of gas source processing components are usually assembled in sequence, which is called a pneumatic tri-joint. It is used for pneumatic valve purification treatment, pressure relief, and lubrication.

The installation sequence of the three components is respectively air filter, pressure regulator, and pneumatic tri-joint according to the direction of the intake port. The three components are the pneumatic valve equipment in most pneumatic control valves. They are assembled near the pneumatic machine equipment. They are the last guarantee for the quality of compressed gas. In addition to ensuring the quality of the three components themselves, various factors such as convenience of use, simple installation and composition should also be considered in design and installation.

Efficiency; Water vapor with too much condensation and liquid droplets from the outlet of the pneumatic valve will damage the piston rod sealing ring and block the small exhaust port on the electronic device, reducing the service life of the electronic device or making it invalid. The function of the air filter is to extract the liquid and liquid oil droplets in the compressed gas, and filter out dust and liquid residue, but cannot remove the gaseous oil and water.

According to the working principle, air filters can be divided into compressed air filters, medium-efficiency filters, pre-filters, filtering devices, and other models and specifications. Air filters are often made of synthetic fiber filter materials, and the frame is made of sturdy and waterproof hard paper. It is not easy to deform, crack or warp under normal operating conditions. In addition, the filter material is fixed diagonally with the frame and closely adheres to the frame to avoid air leakage.

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