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How Do I Deworm My Cat?

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How do I deworm my cat? What are the precautions.
The deworming medicine for cats should be purchased from a regular pharmacy or after consulting with a veterinarian, and the dosage should be noted because deworming medicine has a certain degree of toxicity and a slight overdose can lead to toxicity. Note that the cat should be bathed before the in vitro deworming, and the cat should not be bathed until the effect of the medicine wears off. In the case of internal deworming, it is best to do it 3-4 hours after eating to avoid gastrointestinal reactions.

The choice of deworming medication
There are two types of deworming medication for cats - one is internal deworming and the other is external deworming. The more commonly used in vivo dewormers for cats are Miaoba, Big Love, Bayer, etc. The more commonly used in vitro dewormers are Follistim and others. The first few drugs are produced abroad and have a certain guarantee of quality. Of course, you can also use domestic deworming drugs, but, from my personal point of view, although the price of imported ones is a little more expensive, but the quality and effectiveness are quite guaranteed, and the cat is only used once a year, it is not very costly. In addition, there are always risks associated with the use of medication, it is better to choose the more guaranteed.

Choose the amount of deworming medicine
Deworming medication has a certain degree of toxicity, so it must be fed according to the instructions, especially if you buy domestic deworming medication, before using the medication, it is best to weigh the cat and calculate the amount to be fed according to the weight size. If you have other pets at home, be careful not to let them overdose by mistake.

Prepare for deworming
For in vitro deworming, give the cat a bath and blow dry it completely before sticking the deworming medicine in places where the cat cannot lick - such as the back of the neck. Do not give the cat a bath until the medicine has evaporated, both because you are afraid of the cat licking and because the deworming is not yet complete. Attention! Do not choose the flea collar for external deworming, it is too toxic and harmful to the cat; the internal deworming medicine should be used after 3-4 hours after the cat has eaten. After feeding, there should be a fasting period of 5~6 hours to ensure the effectiveness of the medicine.

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