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How Many Times A Day Do Cats Get Fed

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How many times a day do cats get fed

Nowadays, cats have become one of the favorite pets of many people, and many people like to give all the delicious food to their cats. Because of this behavior, many domestic cats have become round, although fat cats feel very good, but considering the cat's own health, owners must reasonably control the amount of food and the amount of exercise.

There is a lot to be said for the feeding of cats, and the time and number of feedings should be controlled within a reasonable range, so how many times a day should a cat be fed?

1. Healthy cats have requirements for food, the number of feedings should not be too much, the cat's sense of satiety is not very obvious, if the owner does not control the amount of its feeding, it is likely to develop a bad habit, the cat food bowl is not finished, but the cat ran to the owner's feet to ask to eat food, or the cat has been eating, which leads to gastroenteritis. So the feeding amount is about two to three times a day, and the best is three times.

2. The feeding time should also be noted, do not just start feeding the cat an hour apart, but should be controlled to 3-4 hours once, which can also ensure that the cat has digested most of the food before eating, further reducing the burden on the cat's gut.

3. Some cat food that is rich in nutrients is more suitable for breeding, when selecting cat food can also carefully observe its nutritional composition, and then according to the cat's own situation, for example, to make the hair soft and shiny, you can take some with less salt, with vitamin E and so on, for the cat's growth will play a better effect.

4. While adjusting the right amount of cat, it also depends on its age. The amount of food for kittens does not require much, because the requirements and portions of food for kittens are not large, and if it is a kitten you can feed some diluted goat milk powder, about 4-5 times a day.

If you want to discuss how to match the specific amount of food, it is also necessary to decide according to the actual situation, the partners can also always pay attention to how much their own cats eat at one meal, and then distribute, after all, the situation of each cat is different.

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