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How To Cut The Nails Of The Cat

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How to cut the nails of the cat, the method is too important.

The cat's nails are long to avoid scratching us in a bad mood, life itself has nails it often feel uncomfortable, need to often scratch around the food, especially our sheets clothes, always often see it scratching a variety of small holes of different sizes, so in order to avoid our king of destruction in doing bad things, but also so that it can be more comfortable, we have to think about giving it the nails To cut off, so we need to how to cut the nails of the cat?

First of all, before we cut the nails of the cat, to do some preparatory work, that is, first of all, all the items ready, that is, special nail clippers, which we can buy in the pet store, secondly, the cat's vigilance is relatively high, so we have to touch it first, to calm it, when no longer reject us to touch its feet, in the beginning to cut its nails. (Do this to avoid cats it is more self-protective sense of strong easy to scratch us)

In the process of cutting nails we should prepare a small chair, so that its back against the inside of our arms, fixed its body (so as to avoid it excited when scratching us) and let it also have a comfortable position, gently his other feet, stroking a slow, to ensure that the cat will not move in the case, holding a nail clipper, grab its feet gently reduced, the cat has pink flesh under the feet, we cut in When the cat has pink flesh under the feet, we should try not to get close to the position of the palm of the foot, the surface accidentally hurt the cat, when not sure we should cut a little at a time is good.

Cat nails are generally trimmed once in two to three weeks, when it reacts especially fierce, we do not reprimand or beat it, so that later it will be more repulsive thing, tools to use special tools, do not use the human nail clippers, which are more likely to hurt it. When we are not sure, try to pick up a little shorter on it.

The above is a small way of life to cut the nails of cats, I hope to be able to give the little ones who are worried about this help.

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