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How To Make A Cat Like You?

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How to make a cat like you? Love must be mutual in nature.
Getting a pet is easy, but getting it to like you takes a lot of work. Today let's talk about how to get a cat to like you.

First, you can "buy" it with food and snacks. Prepare a lot of good food for your cat, such as canned food, chicken breasts, and then pay attention to regular feeding of your cat to give it a healthy and regular diet, do not feed your cat with leftovers, which will cause stomach discomfort. During the feeding process, interact more with the cat, and then if you feed it every day at a fixed time and in a fixed place, over time, the cat will form a habit, and when the time comes, it will come to you.

Second, prepare a comfortable nest for the cat, so that the cat can relax; then you can put the nest in your own room or put some of your own clothes in the nest, so that it can get used to your scent. In addition, you can also provide a place for the cat to play, buy some small toys for it to scratch, etc.

Thirdly, in terms of daily life, cats are a gentle and quiet type, so the usual tone of communication must be gentle. It can be gently stroked to make it feel comfortable. Do not put it together with children, children are too noisy, the cat can not adapt. Do not take the initiative to approach the cat, do not get its tail, you can talk to it daily, let it perceive your emotions, and slowly make friends.

Then, cats are very concerned about hygiene, first of all, cat food must be used in a clean bowl to fill, and at the same time every day to clean the cat food bowl to keep the cat comfortable. If you really can't clean it in time, then you can try the electronic version.

Fourth, by calling the cat's name and some other simple methods to train the communication between you and it, do not go after it or yell, which will scare it, in order to have better results, you can properly use some snacks to attract or reward it. And in the process of communication, it is best to make yourself and the cat at the same height, which will make the cat relax, while patting and petting the cat can close the distance between you and it.

Fifth, when jerking the cat should also pay attention to the details of skills, to gentle not too hard, usually touch its chin, the back of the head and its face and other parts, over time, you can notice some parts that make the cat feel comfortable as well as make it feel uncomfortable, so you can avoid making the cat feel uncomfortable.

Finally, do not disturb the cat when it is sleeping. I believe that by doing these things, it is difficult for the cat not to get close to you.
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