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How to raise a kitten?

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How to raise a kitten? There are several areas of special attention.
For many people, kittens are an animal only suitable for viewing from a distance, because once the kitten in the hands, most people will feel that the kitten is too small and fragile, feel a careless kitten will be hurt, because of this, although a lot of people like kittens, but not many people will really feed kittens, in fact, the feeding of kittens is not difficult Oh, as long as we master the relevant common sense of feeding, that is also As long as we master the relevant feeding knowledge, it is also a good kitten, the following I will introduce you to the kitten feeding knowledge.

First, take the kitten to the doctor in time. When we bring the kitten home, do not rush and kitten close, must be the first time to take the kitten to see a veterinarian, because the kitten's body resistance is particularly poor, it is easy to suffer from diseases that we can not identify with the naked eye, so take the kitten to the veterinary hospital to check the body is the most important, if the kitten's body is not abnormal, we can ask the veterinarian to give the kitten vaccinations, which can reduce the possibility of kitten disease. This can reduce the possibility of kittens getting sick.

Second, the feeding method must be scientific. When feeding kittens, we must pay attention to the choice of food, never feed kittens milk or too hard food, you can give kittens to eat goat milk powder or rice soaked with goat milk powder, and each feeding must control the amount, do not let the kitten hold up, because the kitten does not know hunger at this time, if we keep feeding it will keep eating, so this must be noted.

Third, to create a warm nest for kittens. Kittens do not regulate their own body temperature, when it leaves its mother, it will become particularly afraid of the cold, so we have to build a warm nest for kittens, we can give full play to their creativity at this time, with the family pillow or not, with blankets, as long as the kitten can warm things can be.

In short, as long as we can keep the kitten away from disease, eat happily and live comfortably, then the kitten will certainly be able to grow up healthy!
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