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How To Raise A Pet Cat?

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How to raise a pet cat? Probably better than dogs.

More than two thousand years ago, our ancestors have domesticated many kinds of animals, horses for walking, chickens and ducks, etc. for meat, while dogs and cats became pets in the hands of noble ladies. Modern people are even more enthusiastic about domesticating them. So the question arises, how do you raise a cat to make it healthier? First of all, diet, cats are extremely prideful felines, try to buy cat food containing avocado ingredients, homemade meat then the best raw bone meat, so that our pet cat's hair is smooth and shiny, hold up soft, really love it! In addition, it should often feed it some vegetables, cats and people alike, is also to supplement vitamins.

Cats by nature love cleanliness, so when it is very young to train it to potty, you can generally prepare some cat litter, the first time to carry it to the front to smell, try a few more times it will remember. You can also take it outside regularly, so that over time it will not poop in the house. It's the best of both worlds!

Cats also like to sunbathe, it loves the sun as much as the little fish jumping around! So parents must not forget to take your cat for a walk in the park when the sun is shining. Because the cat will generally comb the hair in the sun, its saliva will help it remove the body of the dirty things, and the sun in time to give it warmth, so that our kitten will not catch a cold Oh!

I often hear people say that cats have nine lives, because cats are very spiritual animals, all human beings have a sense of awe. And cats are very arrogant, so how can you make your cat die to recognize you as master? The most important point is to give our heart, in addition to food, hygiene to give it the most intimate treatment, but also often pet it, hug it, and even chat with it. Don't believe that cats can understand human language!

These are the details of how to keep a cat for cat lovers, but there are also some other things that need to be noted, which are also very important! That is, the cat should be vaccinated regularly every year for various diseases that need to be prevented. It is also important to visit the vet from time to time for cleaning and examination. If your cat occasionally gets sick, do not feed it human medication, but go to a regular vet to get it.

Finally, may your cat spend a happy day with you!
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