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Kittens Do Not Eat How To Do?

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Kittens do not eat how to do? Here's how to fix it.

When we feed our kittens with joy, we expect to see a big appetite, and sometimes it is true that when we put food in front of our kittens, they always eat especially happily, but sometimes, the kittens just take a cold look at the food and then turn away, so what should we do when we find that the kittens do not eat?

In fact, the appetite of kittens is very similar to that of people, and with changes in physical, emotional and weather factors, the appetite of kittens will also change, so when we find that a kitten does not eat, first of all, do not panic, we must pay attention to observe the physical state of the kitten, if the kitten does not eat, but also accompanied by other symptoms of discomfort, then we must promptly take the kitten to If the kitten does not have any discomfort, but simply does not want to eat, then we can take the following measures.

A. Less food and more meals. Many times the main reason why kittens do not eat is that we give too much food to the kitten at a time, we can feed the kitten several times, but each time the amount is reduced, so as to effectively improve the appetite of the kitten.

Second, change the food. If the kitten always eats a brand of cat food, it is easy for the kitten to feel bored, so we just need to change a brand of cat food for the kitten, and when choosing cat food, you can tend to choose cat food with more meat, because kittens love to eat meat.

Third, change the temperature. Too cold or too hot food taste is not good, so it can not promote the appetite of kittens, so we can try to change the temperature of the food when solving the problem of kittens do not eat, generally speaking, warm food color and flavor will be better, so we should give kittens to eat warm food.

Of course, if we still can't solve the problem of kittens not eating after trying the above methods, then we should stop trying and take the kitten to the vet in time!
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