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Kittens Will Die If They Do Not Eat For How Long?

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Kittens will die if they do not eat for how long? As the saying goes, if you don't eat a meal, you will be starving.
If a kitten does not eat once in a while, it is not a big problem, but if it does not eat for several meals in a row, it is a big problem. This will not only lead to problems with the cat's liver and organs, but also induce jaundice symptoms, and the most serious will lead to its death. So, why do kittens not eat? What are the reasons why kittens do not eat?

The first food problem

1 Taste does not like. The food prepared by the breeder is not what the kitten likes, then the cat will not want to eat. For some kittens, the owner can prepare some goat milk powder, rice paste, milk-like pastry and so on, which cats of this age are very fond of eating.

2 The problem of food change. For some reason, the owner suddenly feeds the cat a new brand of cat food and does not give the cat a proper adaptation period. The cat then cannot accept the new taste for a while and thus does not want to eat. This solution is also very simple. Mix the previous cat food with the current cat food, at first the old cat food is a larger proportion than the new cat food, and then slowly reduce the proportion of the old cat food until it is replaced by the new cat food.

3 Food quality. Kitten's mouth is very tender and sensitive senses. A little bit of wrong cat will also react greatly. If the cat is accidentally prepared with spoiled food, the cat will refuse to eat, the owner must be aware of it in time to ensure that the cat is provided with quality cat food.

The second disease problem

1 Have gingivitis. Toothache is very painful. It is important to regularly check the cat's mouth to see if it has gingivitis or a case of sarcoidosis. If this is the cause, you can give the cat some tetravitamin capsules, pediatric amoxicillin, along with vitamin B12 to take. However, it should be noted that the amount of medication is best to consult a professional veterinarian first. Generally after a few days of medication the cat's appetite will naturally become better.

2 Poor digestion. If the breeder finds that the cat has a slight gastroenteritis, resulting in not wanting to eat, he can give the cat a little Modi Cat Probiotics to regulate the gut - add some to the basin where the cat often drinks and stir well.
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