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Male Cat De-Sexing Precautions

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Male cat de-sexing precautions, the main stage.
Nowadays, many people around us have a small pet, and cats are gentle and clean and welcomed by many people. Most owners choose to de-sex their male cats out of consideration for their health and to avoid some unnecessary trouble in the process of raising cats in the future. Although this is not a major surgery, the cat after surgery is very weak both psychologically and physically, and we must take care of them carefully during this period, which will have a great impact on their health in the future.

After surgery the cat's body is more fragile, we should try to give the cat a comfortable living environment. But in the end, there should not be too much change, otherwise the cat is likely to get sick if it cannot adapt well, which is very bad for the cat's health. Prepare a softer litter with a little more space for the cat, which will allow the cat to lie down more comfortably. Cats may not be able to control their posture well at this time, and we need to help them maintain a relatively comfortable position so that they can rest well.

In addition, there must not be high objects that require the cat to jump, otherwise it is likely or pull the wound and not heal well. Male cats should not be fed with water immediately after surgery, but three hours later. The male cat may have a poor appetite after surgery, which is normal, and can be induced with some food that the cat usually likes to eat. If the cat does not drink water, you can use a small straw to gently drop a little water into the cat's mouth to keep its mouth from drying out.

The cat will keep its eyes wide open after the surgery. We should prepare some eye drops for the cat, which can largely relieve fatigue, moisturize the eyes, make them less dry, and reduce the damage to the eyes. In short, the cat is in a weakened state during this time, and all types of living need our attention.
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