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Pet Cat Breeds Folded Ear Persian Cat

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Pet cat breeds, look at this face to me a dozen

Hello again, good Monday, a busy week is about to start again, this time can not help but share some warmth to you small things, so that you can be more lovely in the busy time. An la, now we start to introduce our protagonists today, a variety of cats and kittens.

First, the folded ear cat from Scotland
Divided into folded ears, standing ears is the general, folded ears is due to the incomplete development of the gene and mutation, they can be hardworking, carrying the characteristics of the ancestors. Gentle appearance and warm personality, soft voice, will not shout. They love to be around people and show their love to you in their own way.

Second, the Persian cat
The aristocrat of cats, it is also a gentle and gentle character, not only intelligent but also understanding. It likes to stay in a certain place. It has a beautiful voice and likes to be pampered with you, too ~ a sense of dignity when you look at their pampered attitude. They have always been very popular, typical of long-haired cats. Not only that, their body shape and physical quality is also very good, simple and smooth body curve, long and dense back hair. It can be described as really beautiful.

Third, the Ragdoll cat
There is also a Brador cat called, is the largest size of a kind, generally three colors, there are also two-color cats, its character is gentle and quiet, treating humans is very friendly, high tolerance, often misunderstood no sense of pain. Because they are easy to approach with children, so it is very suitable for home breeding.

Fourth, American Shorthair Cat
It has always been known for its long and thick bones, well-developed muscles, and intelligent personality. This cat is a short-haired cat with dense hair and more than 30 different colors, the most expensive being the silver striped variety.

Fifth, Siamese cat (Siamese)
The Siamese cat is also known as the Siamese cat, the Thai cat, and is considered to be the representative of short-haired cats. In the history of Thailand, they were bred by the famous noblemen and were a very precious breed.

Sixth, the civet cat
The civet cat from Greater China is a natural cat that has been naturally preserved in China for thousands of years.
CAA cats are given the lovely English name Dragon-Li, and are still very popular because they are physically robust, have beautiful bodies, are easy to keep, and can catch mice. It is important to note that cats with tiger spots are not civet cats.
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