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Postpartum Precautions For Female Cats

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Postpartum precautions for female cats

Female cats generally go through a process of 60-70 days from pregnancy to delivery. They usually give birth in the early morning. When they are about to give birth, they will be very restless and will move around, occasionally lowering their head to lick their abdomen, and we will feel a throbbing sensation when we touch their belly with our hands, and there will be mucus flowing out of their vagina. At this time, we should calm them down and gently stroke their abdomen with our palms to relax them, which will help them to give birth. This will help the mother cats to give birth because they will be weaker and their antibodies will be lowered because of the physical exertion after giving birth. In addition, their uterus and vagina will have various degrees of damage during the birth. If they do not take good care of themselves, they will easily contract some diseases. At the same time, the mother cat has to nurse her kittens, which also needs a lot of nutrients, so what should we pay attention to in order for her to recover as soon as possible?

We can increase the protein, vitamin and mineral content of their food, and give them some milk, fresh fish soup and other feeds. In addition, we can increase their amount according to their needs, can be appropriate to increase the frequency of feeding. We also need to provide them with a quiet and comfortable environment, which is very important for their health. At the same time, their litter should be disinfected on a regular basis so that the cat can have appropriate activities in sunny weather.

For disease prevention, we need to strengthen the management of feeding. It is important to pay attention to diseases of the uterus and udder. In case of infection, go to the veterinarian for medical attention. The breeder should be careful not to touch the kittens after the mother cat has given birth, as this will infect them with other strange scents, which may cause the mother cat to bite the kittens to death.

Female cats must be reasonably conditioned after giving birth, which will be helpful for their health and development. We are responsible for the pets we raise, and I think it is equally responsible for ourselves.

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