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The Complete List Of Cat Breeds

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The complete list of cat breeds, in fact, there are still many types of cats

In today's society where people's living standards are generally improving, having a pet is basically something that young men and women like to do, but I believe that most people actually have a lot of ignorance about pets, many people are looking at what others are raising, what they are going to raise, no opinion at all, then I just can't stand to see it, here, I first do a pet cat breed up to introduce, of course, may not be very detailed, but it is recommended that you can still look. Of course, may not be very detailed, but it is recommended that you can still look at the!

Siamese cats, this cat originated in Thailand, why say so! Because Siam is the old name of Thailand! This cat cat price is moderate most are 2 to 3,000 yuan a, but the face black I do not like very much!

Persian cats, remember the old song, called Persian cats, Persian cats are extremely long hair! Like a shrunken version of the lion, but still very cute!

Scottish Fold cat, is a folded ear cat, because basically are produced from Scotland, because folded ear is a congenital disease, other cat science does not come! Although it looks very dumb and very cute, perhaps, you look at it feel nothing sick ah, in fact, they are suffering a lot of pain in order to be cute ah!

British shorthair cat, I remember the world's heaviest cat cat is the British shorthair cat created, because this cat is too easy to get fat, feeding and feeding into a big meatball! Oh my God! Raised this is a mobile blanket it!

Exotic shorthair cat, this cat every time I look at a smile, because this cat is really unique ah, face like an awkward word, dumb and dumb, is to see the face can be recognized as one of the cat cat species, because it is really unique ah, remember if you buy this cat, should not be cheated, because the face and other cats a little different!

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to the battle cats of cats! Maine cat, this cat cat size is particularly large, to be compared with other cats, other cats are simply pediatric, do not know also think you have a tiger, but the outside looks also very dominant ah, take out to slip the cat, the average person will be away from you, because they slip the dog may not do you this cat ah! Because really big!
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