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The Difference Between Native Cats And Pet Cats

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The difference between native cats and pet cats is actually similar.
First of all, the meaning of native cats and pet cats, native cats is the breed of cats in our territory is the native cats, pet cats is from foreign cats called pet cats, but personally think that native cats than pet cats to live, its survival ability is much stronger than pet cats, the ability to adapt faster, native cats are stronger, not so easy to get sick, pet cats is the opposite, a little delicate and easy to But pet cats also have the advantage that pet cats have a gentle temperament, while native cats are relatively a bit grumpy.

Pet cats because it is a foreign breed is also for our aesthetic which is beautiful, but its price is also relatively expensive, such as a purebred French shorthair cat its price is about 600 look, may be this 600 for the rich people is nothing, but for the ordinary working people to buy it down will need to seriously consider. The pet cat's body is relatively delicate and may get sick if it is not careful, and then a trip to the hospital will cost a lot.

The earth cats are different, like those stray cats are often starved, outside in the rain, the body resistance will become better and better, and then said than those foreign breeds of noble, but better than those earth cats to live, do not worry too much about its daily routine, will not regularly need to take care of it will not be sick, but the earth cats are not easy to tame, earth cats are unstable temperament, easy to scratch people, pet cats are easier to tame, it is very gentle. The pet cat is easier to tame, it is very gentle, and the native cat can actually be very obedient if trained carefully.

In fact, the difference between native cats and pet cats is not too big, it is only their initial environment that causes them to form a contrast, what kind of environment directly makes them become what they are.
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