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The Main Reason Of Kittens Keep Barking

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Kittens keep barking? The main reason is these.

The family kept pets, it can be said that it takes a certain amount of energy to take care of them, and in many cases, the owner has to understand the habits of the family pet, once the abnormal situation, we have to pay special attention. For example, if you have a cat, and you find that the kitten is purring all the time, this is some of the information they send out, and the owner has to capture this information in time. So, why do kittens purr all the time? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

If the kitten has just arrived at home, it may keep purring, why? Because it is not familiar with the new environment, and the first time to leave the mother, so feel very scared. At this time the owner should give the kitten absolute warmth and love, find a feel soft small blanket wrapped around the kitten, and then gently pick it up, coax it and always accompany it, let it feel your warmth, and gradually familiar with you, so that it slowly reassured down, and then it will no longer bark.

If the kitten is familiar with the new environment but suddenly barks, it may be because it is not feeling well. Because the kitten's physiological properties are not yet fully developed, if it is not raised carefully, it may become sick.

Because kittens do not have any resistance, they can only tell the owner that they are not feeling well and need treatment by calling out, and at this time, the owner should promptly observe the situation of the kitten to see if it has a cough, runny nose, vomiting, loss of appetite and other problems, and should promptly bring it to the veterinarian for detailed examination.

At the same time, when raising kittens, you should also pay attention to the diet, because kittens can not eat too hard food, so at the beginning it should be mainly liquid food, and the food should be fresh and preferably light, do not give kittens too exciting food, especially containing small bones, so as not to jam them.

So when you find that your kitten keeps barking, the owner should not feel impatient, but should be patient to care for them, let them slowly slow down, give them some time to adapt to the new environment, and familiar with the new habits, and slowly after familiar with it, it can be well kept.
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