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The Pros And Cons Of De-Sexing Male Cats

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The pros and cons of de-sexing male cats, a rational analysis
There are many benefits to de-sexing male cats: it can be very effective in reducing the chance of diseases caused by heat. After de-sexing, cats can avoid infection from sexual diseases. Moreover, de-sexing can prevent cats from running around and getting lost due to excessive heat. The male cat will be less irritable during heat and will return to his original docile and well-behaved self. But there are also certain disadvantages.

Advantages of de-sexing male cats
1 It reduces the production of diseases. Due to its unique physiological structure, the cat will have many diseases associated with heat and childbirth. For male cats, it can avoid a series of problems such as adrenal hypertrophy and testicular tumors caused by heat. On the other hand, male cats in heat too frequently are prone to urinary blockage, as there is a high risk of blockage of secretions. If a cat is de-sexed, this problem can still be solved to some extent. Taking the cat through the de-sexing surgery can increase the health condition of the cat and has certain benefits for the cat's growth.

2 After de-sexing, cats with little androgen production will not always think about mating behavior. This will also fundamentally reduce the number of diseases that can be transmitted through sexual behavior. For example, feline AIDS, etc.

3 De-sexing can prevent cats from wandering around in heat and causing loss.

4 The secretion of male hormones can bring about mood swings, nervousness, restlessness and loss of appetite in cats. De-sexing will free the cat from these emotions. The cat can return to its original gentle and lively nature.

5 It can prevent the blind breeding behavior of cats, thus controlling the number of stray cats and improving the quality of the surrounding environment.

II. Disadvantages of de-sexing male cats

1 Increase the probability of obesity in cats. Because cats do not have the desire and ability to mate, many cats do not want to move and have very little exercise, and they will become very good eaters because they are preoccupied with eating. Then it is easy to get fat. Affect the health and appearance.

2 Increased risk of urinary tract stones. In fact, this situation is mainly caused by diet and environmental problems. So this can be prevented by controlling the management of diet and maintaining environmental hygiene.
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