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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Cat?

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What are the benefits of having a cat? Maybe a lot of you did not find

In modern society, many people like to have cats and dogs! But many people who have cats and dogs are just a kind of entertainment, that is, they do not know anything about the benefits and disadvantages of having these pets! Of course, there are many benefits of raising dogs, but raising cats and kittens is similar, and there are even studies that show that people who have cats and kittens may be much better in terms of IQ than those who have dogs! Of course, not necessarily, the IQ of most are just that! And cats are relatively small, so girls prefer, and boys I think may like the dog ah, Tibetan mastiff ah and so on, anyway, Tibetan mastiff I can not afford to buy! Raising a small chrysanthemum can waste more than a month's salary! Really can not afford to raise ah.

Today I'll talk to you about how to raise cats! There are many kinds of cats, in fact, most of them are the same, just artificial because of geographical differences, just like people have black, white, yellow skin tone! Cats just different hair, in fact, there is no difference in essence, so the Chinese field cats will not be better than other cats, of course I believe that many people think I am making it up, but it is really true! So you know what the benefits of having cats and kittens!

First of all, we care about world events, in fact, cats are good for the environment, remember the ozone hole over the Antarctic, which is rarely mentioned in the past few years, but still real, so cats and cats it is much less carbon emissions than dogs, low-carbon life, from giving up dogs, cats to start!

Then there is the cat is a healing pet, looks harmless, have a cat cat, can help the owner quickly out of pain, even if the loss of love what! And our cute and charming cats with you, your mood will be much better, not lost to the extreme, and even want to go jump! Because the cat is too cute!

And some girls may be interested in a guy who has a cat, because he will think that the guy can raise a cat well! Directly to the owner's charm value, okay! Maybe one day you go out walking your cat! The result is to meet the true love may also be ah!

So you like to have cats and cats! What do you think about cats! I I think, a cat and then every day with, the mood will be much better!
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