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What are the taboos of having two cats?

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What are the taboos of having two cats? These aspects you need to understand.

I believe that when we were children have seen the "coffee cat" cartoon, the story of the coffee cat, although delicious and lazy, but loyal to their masters, friendly to friends, and fat and chubby, really let people have to love. It can get along well with the family dog, but the reality of the cat? Can they really get along so well? If there are two pet cats at home, will also be a peaceful?

There are many varieties of cats in the world, and its domestication history is less than that of dogs for hundreds of years, although humans have kept pet cats for more than 3,000 years, but the nature of the cat is only a little bit changed. Cat is a very capricious creature, it is my own way, unlike dogs, it likes to go alone, and it is also very arrogant, never take the master as master, sometimes not happy how many times you call it will pretend not to hear. So if you have two cats at home, as the owner, must be treated like two children, to strive for equality in everything, toys, tableware, pet boxes should be prepared for two Oh.

Cats are a very emotional animal, so some people describe the fickle woman as a cat. It treats its owner as a parent, so sometimes it will climb on the owner's knee when it is in a bad mood or lonely, rubbing the owner's hand to show pampering, if it so happens that you have two cats, the other one will be jealous Oh, so be prepared for them to fight.

As mentioned earlier, cats like to be alone, except for the rutting period, cats will go out on a date, have you ever seen any two kittens getting along very well? The answer is no! So if you have two cats, try to put them in two rooms, cats are very proud and never allow a second king to appear in the house, of course, a male and a female is another story.

Cats are playful animals, especially the owners of two cats at home should pay attention to the home must be placed in a safe place of fragile things, one is still very destructive, the power of two can be imagined!

These are the taboos about having two cats, in fact, as long as the owner treats them equally and makes reasonable arrangements, I believe they will slowly learn to get along, it just takes time.
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