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What Food Do Kittens Eat?

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What do kittens eat? These foods are a good choice.

When people keep pets in general, they choose to bring them home at a very young age so that they can become familiar with themselves and their home as soon as possible, and this is also true for cats. Basically, when the kitten is just weaned, about a month or so, it will be brought back to its new family, and from this time on, it will have to feed the kitten on its own. So, what do kittens eat? Feeding is very important if you want your cat to grow up healthy, so let's talk about this topic below.

If the kitten is just weaned, then just start feeding, or start with milk, but it is best not to feed milk, because kittens do not absorb milk, not only do not get the nutrition, there may be dehydration, diarrhea and other problems, it is best to buy goat milk, you can go to the pet store to buy cats or animals specifically eat goat milk powder, each time brewed for kittens to eat.

In the growth of any animal, eating food is from fluid to normal so over over, so feeding cats is also. First of all, you can feed some goat milk, and if you want to give the cat cat food afterwards, you can slowly add the cat food to the goat milk, soften it and give it to the cat, so that its stomach can slowly get used to the food, and then slowly feed the hard food until the cat can fully accept to eat the cat food directly.

In addition, in order to get a balanced nutrition for cats, fruits and vegetables are also essential, and at first you can make the food softer for cats to eat.

If you don't know how to make cat food, you can buy professional cat food for cats, in addition to canned cat food is also a very good food for cats, but don't buy products to save money, you must buy regular professional cat food, so as to ensure the quality of food and nutrition.

What do kittens eat? At the beginning, do not feed the cat a lot for the sake of nutrition, it should first be familiar with the food, and then slowly add, the first feeding is best to eat less and more meals, so that the cat's stomach and intestines get a buffer, slowly strengthen its stomach, later it will be easy to feed.
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