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What If The Kitten Does Not Eat Cat Food?

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What if the kitten does not eat cat food? Consider these reasons.

When kittens are just born, they are breastfed, so there is no picky eating or do not eat, but when the kitten grows up, the kitten will be weaned, then the kitten will start to eat cat food, some kittens from weaning to eat cat food process is very natural transition, so the owner does not feel that the kitten is difficult to raise, but some kittens refuse to eat cat food after weaning, so the problem of kittens do not eat cat food How should we solve the problem? Owners who are confused by such problems may want to try the following methods.

When we find that kittens do not eat cat food, we must first consider the quality of cat food, because when the cat food is deteriorated, the taste will be very poor, and smell a bad smell, for kittens, they would rather starve than eat this type of cat food, so we must control the quality of cat food, do not feed kittens bad cat food.

If there is no problem with the quality of the cat food and the kitten still refuses to eat it, we can try to buy several brands of cat food for the kitten to try, because the taste and hardness of each cat food brand is different, so we can try more and more, after several attempts, we can know what kind of cat food the kitten really likes.

In addition, when solving the problem of kittens not eating cat food, we can also take some smart ways, such as mixing the kitten's favorite snacks and meat in the cat food, or using goat milk powder to brew cat food, etc. If these methods do not help, then we can also let the kitten starve for a few days, so that it understands that the only food it can eat is cat food, it will naturally eat cat food! The cat will naturally eat the food.

There must be a reason for everything, so we must find the reason when solving the problem of kittens not eating cat food, only if we know the reason why kittens do not eat cat food, we can solve the problem faster. Of course, no matter what measures we take to solve the problem of kittens do not eat cat food, the prerequisite is to ensure that the physical state of the kitten is normal.
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