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What Is The Best Cat To Have

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What is the best cat to have

In this day and age, it seems essential to have a pet to relieve the stress of work. And while cats are the choice of many people, some are confused: what is a better cat to have. Let's find out!

1, Ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cat is a very intelligent cat species, very like to pamper with their owners and like to cling to their owners. This cat has a very quiet personality, but also loves to play. Need the owner to buy it toys or play with it myself, the owner also like to come up to help when doing housework. Easy to get along with children's paper, very soft and cute, will not give the master trouble.

2, Persian cat
The fame of the Persian cat does not need too much introduction, right, when S.H.E a "Persian cat" will be the fame of this cat to the peak, and enduring. Persian cat is the royal family of cats, temperament is relatively gentle, wise, very understanding. Beautiful shape, elegance makes people unconsciously like it, unconsciously put it in a high place to love it.

3, Himalayan cat
This cat name is very high, the character is not very lively, will not run around jumping around. But they like to play, if the owner is next to them, he will softly lying on your lap, unconsciously want you to pamper.

4, Folded Ear Cat
This cat is born soft and cute ah, even I will never keep a pet people can not resist its charm. Folded ear cat's motor cells are not active, like to stay with the owner. But it is very understanding and will not disturb you, quietly with you.

5, Exotic Shorthair Cat
Although this cat likes to watch its owner, it is actually quite independent and will find fun on its own most of the time. It has curiosity and is very lively. In the new environment will not have great discomfort, the owner does not need to worry about it greatly!

6, Abyssinian cat
This cat is very lively, quick and agile, likes to climb shelves and trees, also likes to sunbathe, and one very incredible thing is that he likes to play with water (I thought cats are afraid of water?). He is also very loving and loyal to his owner. He is also very loving and loyal to his master.

After seeing so many cats, you find your favorite one? You know what cats are good to keep! In fact, as long as you pay attention, cats will not mess up, so all owners go!
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