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What Is The Character Of The Siamese Cat?

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What is the character of the Siamese cat, the "little genie" with a changeable personality?

The Siamese cat is one of the most famous short-haired cats in the world, native to Thailand, the Siamese. But many people who want to breed Siamese cats for the first time want to know how the character of the cat is like.

When he is young, he is quite lively, even a naughty boy, energetic and a bit nervous, and he is happy to play with some toys at home. But also be careful Oh, it will scratch people with a small paw paw if it does not agree. And after growing up as an adult it completely changed, like a "lady", will become quiet and clingy, where to go with where.

Cats are relatively timid, but also have a strong curiosity, or how would there be "curiosity killed the cat" it. When feeding or sleeping, they are very alert and will use their paws to test for danger when they encounter unknown objects. Siamese cats love to sleep and spend almost two-thirds of their time sleeping. However, each sleep is short and frequent, and each time it wakes up in about 30 or 40 minutes. However, sleep is also related to climate, hunger, estrus and age.

Secondly, Siamese cats can easily bond with people, and they express their mental activity through their voice and body language. The Siamese cat retains a certain degree of solitude, but it is also very jealous. It will have its own ideas of territorial rights, will compete with the family pet for favor, is very concerned about the owner's favor, and will be jealous and playful as long as it treats other pets better than it. Because the body has fewer sweat glands, only the fleshy pads of the paws have sweat glands, not enough to expel heat from the body. This is why they are afraid of heat in summer and cold in winter.

Cats are said to hold grudges, and Siamese cats are no exception, and they are good learners and have a surprisingly good memory. Although he is a good learner and can easily develop good habits, he is still stubborn and has a high self-esteem, which makes him difficult to teach. In addition to mice and fish, which cats are naturally fond of, some meat is also preferred. Although cats are now slowly becoming omnivores, meat is also an indispensable source of nutrition.

Siamese cats are clean by nature and will use their paws and tongues to clean their bodies, urinate and bury in a fixed place. In summer or after exercise, the body temperature rises and excess heat is expelled from the body to keep the body temperature constant. Siamese cats use their tongues to moisten their saliva, evaporate the water in their saliva and take away heat, which lowers their body temperature and prevents heat stroke.

The Siamese cat is also a night owl, sleeping during the day and moving at night. It is also highly intelligent and can be trained to master skills such as heeling, standing and sitting within a certain period of time. With patience and training, it is not a problem.

Each cat has its own temperament, just like humans, there are many different temperaments, such as lazy, inactive, quiet, pampered and so on. But they are different from other cats, love it and raise it, care so much, the most important thing is to be happy.
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