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Why Do Kittens Keep Purring?

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Why do kittens keep purring? There are several situations.

Compared to cats and dogs, cats like to bark more, probably because of this reason, some partners will choose a quieter dog, abandoning the sticky cat. And in fact, some cats are not so reckless barking, some cats can also be quiet. However, if the cat is quiet and suddenly likes to bark, it is important to observe the cat's condition, where there may be an abnormality.

When a cat feels hungry and does not find food to fill its hunger, it will bark. It will not express itself in words or actions like people do, but can only bark to get the owner's attention and express its needs to the owner through barking. If the cat becomes quiet after you give it food and does not bark as much as before, then you have found the right reason, while if you give it food and it does not solve its needs, then you may need to consider other reasons and may need to take the cat to the doctor.

Attention seeking
When a cat is bored, it will call for the owner's attention and want to play with him more. The owner can spend more time with the cat, or play with it, sometimes it will feel very satisfied just staying by your side, and can also buy the cat some of its favorite toys, which can let it pass the boring time.

The cat is a very sensitive animal, it is used to the original family, once the family has an additional member will cause the cat a sense of unease, may be because the family added a new baby, may be because the family added a new pet, or even the family came to relatives and friends will make the cat feel nervous. If the cat barks frequently due to nervousness, the owner should give the cat more care to eliminate its anxiety.

Cats may purr if they are not feeling well, or if they are not feeling well, or if their body is aging, they may purr frequently. Cats that are not feeling well will purr. The owner should take the cat to the veterinarian for timely treatment.

In addition, cats in heat will also keep purring, or cats will be frightened will also keep purring, other normal circumstances, the cat is still very good.
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