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How Easy Is It To Keep A Bichon God Pet

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How easy is it to keep a bichon, pay attention to the details of raising a bichon

Bichon bears are good looking, smart, cute, lively, friendly, have a good memory, don't shed hair, and don't have a busy body odor. Not only that, the bear will also do a variety of actions to make people happy, but, in the face of strangers will also be very fierce. In addition to Teddy VIP, Bichon is the most popular pet dog, and easy to identify. So many advantages of Bichon, many people will be impressed, right ~ then, Bichon in the end is good to keep? Come and find out.How Easy Is It To Keep A Bichon God Pet?

Fluffy body and fragile bones
The Bichon's bones are a little thin, which can cause fractures if you're not careful, and you can't do too much jumping even when training the Bichon. The Bichon Frise is a small dog and therefore does not require a lot of exercise. Bichons need extra calcium, either directly from calcium tablets or from bones. Special care should be taken not to feed bichon bones from chicken, duck, goose or fish as they are too fine and can easily pierce the bichon's gut. Give large bones whenever possible. You can also feed your bear some calcium snacks, chicken cookies, etc.

White body and yellow mouth hair
The bears are white and snowy and look very clean and pure. However, over time, owners may notice that the corners of the Bichon's mouth may appear yellow or red. This phenomenon has a lot to do with the Bichon's usual feeding habits. It is because often the Bichon Frise does not wipe around the mouth after drinking and eating, or does not get dry and wet, which will cause the Bichon Frise to habitually lick the hair around the mouth for a long time, and slowly, the corner of the mouth hair will turn from snow white to yellow and red. Therefore, it is recommended that pet owners feed their bears with a water dispenser to keep the corners of their mouths dry. Wipe the mouth clean after each meal.

Regular bathing and trimming
Bears do not shed. However, it is still important for owners to keep their fur clean and tidy by grooming it daily. Also, it is important to give the bear a professional bath and trim its hair and nails regularly. Otherwise, not only is it unsightly, it is also easy to get parasites. So these are things to be very careful about.

No private space
Bichon Frise is very sticky. It needs its owner to be with it all the time. So when you have a bear in your home, you will not have any private space to eat, sleep, or even go to the toilet with you. It is recommended to train your Bichon to develop its ability to be independent for a little while.

Prone to tear stains
Bichons have well-developed tear ducts and are prone to tear stains when they are often tearful. In addition, ear mites, long hair around the eyes, and too much salt can also make your bear teary-eyed and prone to tear stains. It is advisable to give your bear a light diet, trim it regularly and let it drink plenty of water.

Apart from these usual things to keep in mind, the Bichon is still a delightful bear. Take good care of him and he will be fat and fluffy.

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