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Is Labrador Dog Easy to Raise

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Is Labrador Dog Easy to Raise? six must-see feeding details
I believe that many people have seen the play "God Dog Xiaoqi", but also because of this play so that the Labrador quickly become popular. The dog protagonist in this drama perfectly demonstrates its own smart, wise, brave, loyal, docile and other good qualities.

Currently, Labradors are one of the most popular pet dogs in the city. However, many parents before raising a Labrador will be thinking, Labrador is not good to feed, Labrador is good to train? Is the Labrador obedient? The following Xiaobian to answer for you one by one.

One, the breed.
Labrador is a large dog breed, Labrador is often used as a guide dog, acting as the eyes of blind friends, but also as a search and rescue dog, looking for the breath of life in the ruins, but also as a drug detector dog, searching for evidence of bad guys in the sea of people.

The Labrador is gentle, loyal, intelligent, honest, sunny and lively. As a puppy, Lara is like a child, and as an adult, she is like an energetic and kind young man. In old age, he is like an elder. He is with us at all times, even at the end of his life.

Labradors have a unique characteristic that they have a short, thick coat that can withstand harsh weather conditions, which makes them well adapted to various situations, and their fur is waterproof to a certain extent, so the Labrador's coat does not require frequent care.

Second, feeding.
The first thing to consider when raising a dog is the diet! Be sure to choose the right dog, rich in the necessary nutrients for dogs, healthy dog food. Then is the feeding problem. Can not give Labrador eat more greasy things, more attention to the salt can not be more. There is also the Labrador's meal is relatively large, must remember not to let them eat too much, or it will easily cause indigestion.

Pregnant female Labradors can be fed chicken. However, chicken bones can easily cause obstruction in the esophagus, so it is best to feed them sparingly or not at all. Labrador is good to keep

Three, exercise.
Labradors are athletic dogs, so parents and friends must find time to spend with their dogs to move their muscles. The time can not be a lot, fixed one or two hours a day is very good. The dog will be very happy it ~ ~

If you have the conditions, you can also train the Labrador's intelligence, their intelligence is still very high. And Labradors are easy to be tamed, a relatively tame dog. They are very friendly, especially with children.

And Lara is still very loyal, if the master encountered bad guys, Lara will not hesitate to rush up to protect the master.

Four, bathing.
After exercise it is necessary to take a bath. However, any kind of dog can not be too much bathing, easy to damage their own skin. Lara is also the same, two to three times a week bath can be, and to use a special dog body wash, to protect their skin.

Five, oral hygiene.
Labrador's oral hygiene is a must, to often brush Lala's teeth to prevent dogs from getting dental calculus, bad breath and other problems.

Six, hair loss.
Hair loss is a characteristic of dogs, but Labradors are the standard advocates of hair loss. Many people have a Labrador at home since they have a vacuum cleaner. A mere broom can no longer completely clean up the house hygienically. If one day Lala is quiet, it will be a very happy day for the owner. Because that day only the fur around Lala needs to be cleaned. However, Lala will also lose hair due to seasonal changes, unbalanced diet, skin diseases and other reasons. So parents and friends should pay attention to the Labrador's nutrition and pay attention to Lala's skin problems. Is the Labrador good for breeding?

The Labrador is a great breed for families, it can treat itself as a part of the family from the moment it enters the home and can integrate well into the human family.

So parents who want a Labrador don't have to worry at all that Lara is not a good breeder, it is more than capable of bringing security and sweet joy to your family.

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