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Is the Border Collie a good breeder

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Is the Border Collie a good breeder? after reading this article it is no longer difficult to raise it.
Is the Border Collie a good breeder? The Border Collie has always had a high IQ and a handsome appearance. The border collie is a very popular family favorite, so how good is the border collie in the end? In fact, how to feed, train and care for your dog, and breed a healthy next generation, this is also a discipline, today, please pet house pet experts to give you a detailed explanation of these points feeding knowledge.

1. arrange the diet according to the age stage

The side shepherd feeding is also according to different stages, after weaning the side shepherd daily feeding 3-4 times, three months to six months is three times a day. 6 months to one year twice a day, 1 year old adult side shepherd as long as feeding once to meet the energy needs of the day. Feeding also remember to overeat feeding, seven percent full can be, not only because too much obesity affects the handsome appearance, but also to prevent jumping and jumping after eating full leads to vomiting.

2. points to choose quality dog food

It is advisable to choose dog food with Chinese logo to facilitate quantitative feeding according to the instructions. It is also necessary to pay attention to the composition of the dog food, try not to choose a dog food containing too many additives or flavors, not conducive to dog health. The side shepherd hair is long and dense, but also appropriate to choose containing DHA and other unsaturated fatty acids. Improve the baby dog hair gloss. Regularly check the shelf life of dog food, found expired to deal with in a timely manner.

3. Feeding bones of note

In addition to feeding the dog dog food, you can also properly give the border collie chew some animal bones. Can supplement calcium can also sharpen its teeth. But need to pay attention to the dog's physique to feed. Otherwise, the loss is not worth the gain. A lot of border shepherds prefer to eat chicken bones, but chicken bones cooked very hard fragments are sharp and easy to pierce the gastrointestinal mucosa. It is recommended to use the pressure cooker cooked, and crushed in feeding.

4. What food feeding contraindications

Not every kind of food is suitable for the border collie to eat. For our very common food for the border shepherd but may be a deadly poison, in serious cases may also be life-threatening. For example, the consumption of onions and garlic can easily cause hemolytic anemia is very dangerous. Secondly, grape raisins may also lead to kidney failure, seafood, although rich in vitamin A, but some dogs consumed easily lead to indigestion, and even allergies. Chocolate contains a lot of cocoa is also not suitable for consumption. Also be aware that the salt content should not exceed 1%. It is easy to cause salt poisoning, kidney damage, high blood pressure, etc.

These are a few points that are related to the feeding knowledge of the Border Collie, the pooper scooper should keep in mind oh. Because the border collie is a working dog on the ranch, itself energetic, very robust, not delicate, in fact, is very good to raise. You can also take him outdoors more often to give enough space time, which is also the happiest thing for the border collie.

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