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Is the Corgi Dog Easy to Raise

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Is the Corgi dog easy to raise? must know the advantages and attention.
The Corgi is a special breed of dog that is synonymous with several words - short legs, small hips, short tail - and when we hear of the Corgi, we immediately think of it as such a silly, silly being. So is the Corgi easy to raise? Are there any matters that need attention?

The following is a brief introduction to the advantages and precautions of raising a Corgi.

In addition to the short legs, the Corgi is also very cute in appearance. It looks like a smart master, round and fleshy little butt, walking a twist, especially interesting, looking like a love from afar, walking a road are love you shape. The reason given by many people who like Corgi is this round butt. The Corgi no matter the obedience to the pet owner's orders, or the understanding and judgment of the pet owner's needs, are relatively excellent, then relatively speaking the Corgi is also a very good class of dogs.

2. Corgi is very smart, in addition to obedient, Corgi is also very well-behaved. This does not mean that Corgi is a quiet little cute, in fact, Corgi is very lively, in the outdoor time it can be as free as the wind, to other dogs is also very polite and friendly, see who will huff and puff to run over, wagging a small short tail, and you play together. At home he is very well behaved, just jumping up and down in front of his favorite owner, wiggling his butt and starting to dart to his feet, and there is a lot of laughter in the house because of a cute and lively Corgi. Good behavior is also an aspect of Corgi that is easy to raise.

3. It's natural to be well behaved, so for some pet owners who are not particularly hardworking, the biggest advantage of Corgi is that it's easy to take care of. They have very short hair, will not get home sofas and floors everywhere, although the shedding period inevitably shed hair, but clean up is not as difficult as you might think. The Corgi itself is a clean dog, and as long as it is bathed regularly and cleaned up, there will not be a great deal of odor in the house. The ease of cleanup is also a very good point for pet owners.

So in deciding which type of dog would be better to keep, the Corgi must be a good choice.

Although Corgi is very cute, but as a healthy, moral, intellectual and comprehensive development of the dog, there are still some aspects that need to be careful, I hope that some of the following considerations can help you better raise Corgi.

1. easy fat, this baby is really everything to eat, and the amount of food is amazing, you will find that you may not pay attention, it began to eat and drink, the belly eat round, will also look at you with pitying eyes, as if to say: "master I'm hungry ~", but the round Corgi touch up the feel very comfortable Oh, but also note that you can not Feeding too much ~

2. a lot of movement, although look at the size of the Corgi is not very big, but a small body but contains a lot of energy, probably because of the high energy, so it is necessary to eat so many things, Corgi's movement is very large, curiosity about all the things around, even just the flowers and grasses on the road may have to smell, so often have to take out to see the world's prosperity, as a to consume excess energy, otherwise the family will have to suffer.

3. out to play is particularly easy to dirty, Corgi's chassis is particularly low, because of the short legs, so if you want to take out to skate, the hair under the belly is easy to get dirty, if it is raining, let alone, with the Corgi playful nature, a trip out is a mud doll. There will be no major health problems playing at home, but you have to pay attention when you go out, and remember to tie the leash to avoid disturbing the elderly and children.

4. poor gastrointestinal, Corgi's gastrointestinal is very fragile, so there is a lot to pay attention to when feeding, plus Corgi and love to eat, so it is recommended that pet owners feed the dog food can properly select some food containing beneficial acid bacteria ingredients, eat more easily digestible food is also very good, the gastrointestinal more fragile dog is a great help.

Anyway, still have to treat the little short legs well, usually some scientific training is still necessary, not only to exercise the body can also cultivate the feelings of the dog and the owner, I hope we become an excellent breeder soon, love it please treat it well.

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