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Is The Poodle A Good Breed?

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Is the Poodle a good breed?

Winner of Hollywood's "Most Loved" dog star, the Pine Stiff has a very peculiar appearance, with a strong body and a dense, fluffy coat. Because of its unique appearance, owners will not be easily confused with other dogs. It is this unique appearance that is the reason why many parents choose pine lions as pets. Now the question is how good is the pine lion? Here is a look at the precautions for raising pine lions with me.

Is it really a good idea to raise a pine lion? The pine lion is very cultivated, temperament is also very good, do not look at the pine lion poop face is very powerful, but the fact that the pine lion is a very docile dog, if you keep the pine lion for a long time, he will be close to you some, and strangers will remain vigilant. The pine is very averse to being touched by outsiders, especially the pine's head.

What should newcomers pay attention to?
First, the owner should prepare a comfortable and warm kennel for the pine, add a warm and comfortable sleeping mat when the weather becomes cold, add a cool bamboo mat in the summer, the dog resting place is to be arranged in a ventilated and breathable, Xu need to isolate the noise on the dog, to avoid embarrassment when resting is interrupted.
Second, there is also the need for the main thing is that the pups just brought home pine lions are required to be vaccinated, within 2 weeks of bringing back is not bathing, the general pups pine lions in the vaccination before the need to do a full body check, I hope parents pay attention to it.
The third, in the pine lion's food, parents need to pay special attention to the pine lion within 3 months of age parents can not give the dog to eat hard food. If parents feed hard food, it may lead to digestive difficulties or may induce enteritis in the dog, so parents should use warm water to soften the dog when feeding it dog food.

Is the pine lion fighting well
Although the pine lion has a strong appearance, but the pine lion is very introverted, is also very docile, never overbearing, pine lion is also very brave, other puppies invade his territory, pine lion will not flinch when.
The stamina of the Pine Siskin is amazing, he can fight for a long time, but not at speed, and the eyes of the Pine Siskin are deep and limited in vision, which can influence him to fight. Rose flesh's lips can also be harmful to the Pinnacle.
Pinnacle is good-tempered, if really angry with Pinnacle, it is impossible to do, after all, the fear of the level, the fear of cold is not fatal, the wild Pinnacle is invincible.

Are pine lions good to keep? Of course it is good to raise! To pine lion can watch the house, first must understand the personality of pine dogs, pine lion personality independent, arrogant, indifferent, stubborn, very self, only to their master rich in feelings, friendly to the master, close, and loyal, but want it to watch the house is not suitable, it is always thinking about their own things, around the things seem to be irrelevant, so let pine lion watch the house will have to let you down.

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