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the difference between huskies and Alaskans

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The difference between huskies and Alaskans, the brotherhood of Erha and Sgar

When it comes to huskies, we all think of the Alaskan dog that has a superb resemblance to it, and even wonder if these two goods are brothers, often easily confused as to who is who. Because of their common characteristics "tear home" is really the same as the same. However, as a dog fan, how can not distinguish the difference between dogs, it is a matter of dignity ah! The following, I will give you to talk about.

Huskies and Alaskans are both sled dogs, from the cold Siberian region. Because of the too similar appearance, usually need to carefully identify to distinguish, but there are techniques to quickly distinguish between the two Oh. The main differences between huskies and Alaskans are in the coat, ears, tail, body type and so on.

First of all, the size - Alaska and husky ha put together, although the shape is more similar, but also can clearly see the size, Sgar will generally be larger than the two ha to only. After all, in size belong to large and medium-sized dogs.

Secondly, the hair - husky and Alaskan hair compared to the hair, or Sgar's hair feel good to the touch. Although both of them have shorter hair, but two ha hair quality is relatively more hard, while the hair of Sgar is not only longer but also particularly soft, children can also ravage its hair. However, pay attention to the scale, hurt the dog is not good. Secondly, Erha's hair color is generally gray, black and white, coffee white three colors, while the Alaskan sled dog's hair color is mainly black and white, red and white.

The second, the ears - husky two ears is relatively narrow, almost can not see the curvature, and triangular somewhat similar; and Alaskan ears are broader, semi-circular shape, so look closely at the ears is also easier to distinguish, which are good at finding the eyes ah.

Then, the eyes - husky eye color is mainly brown and blue, there will also be dark brown, light brown and mandarin eyes; while Alaska's eye color is basically only brown. It's no wonder why the two huskies always have more drama than the Biscayne, because the drama queen is not a color.

Finally, the tail - the two have a large tail, but the state of presentation is different. Erha's tail is naturally drooping when relaxed, more similar to the wolf's tail; up swing when haunted, but the tail tip will remain level state; different from the two ha, Sgar's tail is thicker, also because more hair, the tail is curled, the tail tip is also bent close to the tail root.

After reading, is not feel mastered these points, even if you have not seen these two goods, whether two ha or Sgar can easily identify, so, as long as you pay attention to find, to accompany it, each dog will give you a special surprise, whether it is lively and mischievous it or understanding and lovely it, are irreplaceable existence.
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