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the five most worthy dogs

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What is a good pet, the five most worthy pets

What is a good pet, I also have a pet, and raised a good, so very know how to raise pets, today I specially recommend a few cute pets, and good-looking, and good to raise, and good care. The pet is a good choice for you. Human's best friend - dogs

1, canine subfamily dog preferred cute and cute small pet poodle (Poodle), also known as "poodle", also known as "curly dog" by some people. Poodle is very lively, lively and good natured, very close to people, is a very cute and faithful dog. The body is very agile and quick, intelligent and elegant dog. Square structure, proportional, strong and confident pace. The main reason is that these dogs are not easy to shed, very simple to feed and easy to take care of. The size is relatively small, alone at home will not destroy, and one of the most important is very good-looking, super cute, super cute, simple to dress up to walk the dog will be a lot of praise ~ ha ha!

2, terrier dogs are the best-behaved Chenery is a very high IQ, full of wisdom and intelligence, has a strong judgment, willing to accept the master to give training, the environment is not demanding, there is a strong endurance and resilience. He is a very brave dog and is very loyal to his master. It can get along well with children. It is also very suitable for girls and 9 to 5 working people to keep, when you are at home with you, when not at home is also very good. The Chenery is also known as the "best-behaved apartment dog" and has the great advantage of not shedding much hair and having no smell. The owner is not at home during the day, he will be at home to find their own fun and will not demolish the home, people alone can be happy. It is really the first choice of lazy people, very busy but want to have a dog friend.

3, one of the Siberian sled dog husky, someone intimately known as the two huskies, huskies are very suitable for families to raise, the environment only need to be ventilated, there into a shady place, moisture to give enough. Its greatest advantage is not only beautiful and can be cool appearance, most people who have seen huskies, can not help but love this cool and beautiful canine. The Husky's personality is sometimes lively and sometimes docile, and will not appear to actively attack the owner or nearby humans. It is very receptive to outsiders. The enthusiasm of the husky is incomparable, for the owner who has just returned into the home will be excited to jump up and lick you all over the slobber.

4, single hound Golden Retriever, this is one of the most common pet family dog, because it is really super easy to raise, not only patient and the owner's requirements are basically not, as long as a little exercise, take it out to play, regular food and veterinary check-ups will be easy to meet. The Golden Retriever, a good little boy, is ranked fourth in the world in terms of dog breed IQ. This dog has a kind and friendly personality and is very loyal to its owner. It is also very affectionate, cheerful personality, but also like to play with children, but also to accompany the children, in view of the genetic characteristics, it also likes to exercise, and sometimes a little gluttonous. The Golden is very smart and has a great sense of humor. In general, other dogs or people do not bark or discriminate, and others can get along very well.

5, the canine genus Bulldog, is one of the most combative breeds of dogs. It is a breed of dog that is not only dull and cute, but also kind, affectionate and faithful. Now it is divided into types such as French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Dutch Bulldog, and American Bulldog. The Bulldog has plenty of courage and stamina, and doesn't look dumb and silly, but it is very likeable, gentle and not aggressive. Although small in size, the Bulldog has a strong and powerful physique and is a good dog handler with well-developed muscles and a strong body mass. And it is also very spiritual canine, like the dog friends can try to raise a pit bull. Today I introduced these most worthy, there is no your heart ~ thank you for watching, also welcome to share more information about raising pets.
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