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What is The Best Dog to Keep

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What is the best dog to keep, this humorous and cheerful dog please sign
When it comes to raising a dog, I believe we must be dazzled by the variety of cute and breed of dogs, and then choose to raise a dog is also a variety of tangled concerns, in fact, do not have to be so tangled, each dog is unique, choose their own most desirable on the good. But I have to say, I was attracted to the husky with its own aura of humor. So, we must introduce it!

Siberian sled dog "husky" also known as the two huskies, husky personality is very lively and good, but also more docile than the average dog, rarely appear to attack people, although a little two but husky long shape handsome, delicate features and rich body language is also full of peculiar expressive ability, rich expression can make people easily feel its The most popular is its eye expression package, which can be said to be silly and cute to the point of no return. Like to be close to people, is also very affectionate to strangers. Often will be super fast, hit your body, and then with you all kinds of pampering haunting, two ha barking rarely, in addition to special circumstances generally will not make a sound, although it sounds a little creepy at night, but also in line with its wolf appearance, so it is not unreasonable to be suspected of raising a fake dog. However, due to its docile character, it is sometimes bullied by small dogs. The angry little daughter-in-law kind, let people wonder if it is not a sperm.

Feeding huskies considerations.

1, the dog's gastrointestinal structure is special, diet to pay attention to, generally feed dog food is the best, or easy to diarrhea, wilted two ha look also let people strange heartache ah.

2, born with high energy and curiosity, like to play, so the movement is relatively large, take it out on the right wave, must remember to hold it well, or who slipped who you know.

3, Erha's ability to destroy is well known, which is also related to its overactive neuroticism, so tutoring is important! Very important! Very important! Otherwise the next second, you may be in Baidu dog meat how to do delicious .

4, to two ha bath is a big project, after all, naughty is also no one, but at the same time it bath goose like is also let people can not help but laugh. Remember to use a large hair dryer to blow dry, or easy to catch a cold.

5, don't let the two ha to your home guard, see people wagging their tails to show goodwill it, this function is basically not.

6, teach the stupid two ha in the designated place to go to the toilet is a long and hard struggle. The revolution has not succeeded, comrades still need to work hard!

7, the most important point! Remember to give your dog vaccinations on time and supplement various nutrients in order to grow into a healthy Erha in your mind.

Dogs are the most loyal and warm companion, no matter how mischievous it is, it will accompany you through a long period of your life, so get along with it, you will find your life more than a little fun.

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