CATL Releases Solid-State Battery Can Be Applied to Manned Aircraft

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Ningde Times Releases Condensed Battery Can Be Applied to Manned Aircraft

On April 19, 2023, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) unveiled its latest battery technology - solid-state batteries - at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. These batteries have a single-cell energy density of up to 500Wh/kg and have achieved a balance between high energy density and safety, making mass production possible. This breakthrough opens up a new era of electrification for manned aviation, cementing CATL's position as a leader in technological innovation.

CATL has developed a high-power bio-inspired solid-state electrolyte that forms a micro-level adaptive mesh structure to regulate inter-chain interactions, enhancing the stability of the microscopic structure and improving battery dynamic performance, as well as increasing lithium-ion transport efficiency. The solid-state batteries also incorporate a range of innovative technologies, including ultra-high-energy-density positive electrodes, new negative electrodes, separators, and manufacturing processes, resulting in excellent charging and discharging performance coupled with high safety.

This cutting-edge technology breakthrough breaks through the limitations that have traditionally hindered the development of the battery industry and will promote a new generation of electric vehicles that prioritize high safety and lightweight design. Currently, CATL is collaborating on the development of a civilian electric passenger aircraft project, adhering to aviation-level standards and testing to meet requirements for safety and quality. At the same time, CATL will launch a vehicle-grade version of the solid-state batteries with mass production capabilities later this year.

During the press conference, Dr. Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, stated, "Meeting customer demand is the core driving force behind CATL's technological innovation." Currently, CATL has the most comprehensive battery technology roadmap globally, covering all aspects of research, development, and industrial application, with the ability to rapidly transform scientific research into commercial products. In 2021, CATL became the first company globally to release sodium-ion batteries with an energy density of up to 160Wh/kg. During the Shanghai Auto Show, CATL's sodium-ion battery technology was first integrated into Chery's cars. In 2022, CATL launched Kirin batteries, with a system integration degree that has achieved a new global high. As of March this year, mass production of Kirin batteries has been achieved, and they have been integrated into high-end electric vehicle models such as Nio, Weimar, and Li Auto.

As electrification moves from the ground to the sky, it means planes can be cleaner and more intelligent. Solid-state batteries' arrival opens up an era of comprehensive electrification for land, sea, and air, providing rich imagination space for industry development and will continue to promote the realization of global carbon neutrality goals.

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