Environmental Protection Pulp And Cutlery Has Broad Market

Environmental Protection Pulp And Cutlery Has Broad Market
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Environmental Protection Pulp And Cutlery Has Broad Market

Environmental protection pulp and cutlery industry has great potential and broad market prospect
Due to the problem of pollution of plastic packaging containers, the importance of paper packaging containers has been recognized more and more in recent years due to the world's consistent emphasis on environmental protection.
Paper packaging is generally recognized as green packaging, which has many advantages in energy saving, resource saving and environmental protection.
The global flexible packaging market in 2016 was $217 billion and is expected to reach $261 billion by 2020, showing steady growth.
Environmental pulp tableware belongs to the green environmental protection product, the material is harmless to the human body, non-toxic tasteless, easy degradation, all without pollution during manufacturing, use and destruction, the quality of the product completely accord with national food hygiene requirements, product is after use easy to recycle, easy to disposal or easy to be given, therefore received extensive attention around the world.
Environmental protection paper pulp tableware is another profound revolution in food packaging industry.
According to the global Chinese radio network, an Internet food delivery platform has been booming in the past two years.
The delivery man, who walked through the streets in his uniform, began to become a new scene in many cities.
But as takeout orders grew, so did the number of disposable tableware items that were thrown away before they were even used.
In the view of environmental groups, the use of disposable tableware brought by the active delivery platform not only causes great waste, but also brings environmental risks.
On September 1, the fourth intermediate people's court of Beijing formally accepted a lawsuit filed by chongqing green volunteers union against baidu takeout, Meituan and "are you hungry?"
The environmental group is also preparing to Sue KFC, McDonald's and "word of mouth" in a dispute over environmental liability at Shanghai's third intermediate people's court.
In response to the public interest lawsuit filed by chongqing green union against the three food delivery platforms, the public relations departments of the three platforms said they had been informed of the incident and were actively preparing new environmental protection plans.
At present, these platforms have successively launched the "0 tableware" delivery option in some areas.
However, platform operators said that from the current situation of ordering, "the choice of disposable tableware, meal box consumers are few and far between".
Although the rise of Internet takeout platforms in China in the past two years has clearly inspired people's enthusiasm to order takeout, in fact, take-out of restaurant food is not a new thing in foreign countries.

The problem of so-called disposable tableware causing "white pollution" is also a cliche.
In foreign countries, what kind of packaging is used for takeaway food in restaurants?
Can consumers choose more environmentally friendly takeaway cutlery?

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