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event_note  23 Sep

Cambodia Has Manufacturing Relocation Opportunities

Cambodia: manufacturing relocation opportunities
As Chinese wages and operating costs surge, many manufacturers are seeking to relocate or diversify labor-intensive production activities to areas with lower labor costs.

event_note  25 Sep

Burma Becomes Textile Enterprise Investment Hot Land

Burma becomes textile enterprise investment hot land
What standard does the printing and dyeing enterprise have to open a factory to myanmar?
Is it convenient for Burmese employees to get visas to China?

event_note  24 Sep

Myanmar Garment Industry Improving Quality And Upgrading

Improving quality and upgrading, Chinese enterprises to drive the development of myanmar garment industry
Five new factories line the road in the wadia industrial district of Rangoon, myanmar, where 3,600 local workers are...

event_note  27 Jun

South Asia Is A Rising Star In Textile And Garment Industry

South Asia is a rising star in textile and garment industry
South Asian countries' garment industry rank:Bangladesh,Vietnam,India,Cambodia,Indonesia,Pakistan.
(1) the strength of textile and garment industry has increased,...

event_note  27 Jun

Chinese Textile And Clothing Industry Grow Slowly

Chinese textile and clothing industry grow slowly
(1) China has the largest textile and apparel production capacity in the world with strong comprehensive competitiveness
China is the world's...

event_note  27 Jun

Overview Of The Development Of Asian Garment Industry In 2017

Overview of the development of Asian garment industry in 2017

1. The production capacity of global textile clothing has been transferred several times and high value-added links have been retained
The world...

event_note  26 Jun

Takeout Raises Environmental Concerns About The Use Of Cutlery

Takeout raises environmental concerns about the use of foreign cutlery

Australia: paper products are commonly used in takeaway service
According to...

event_note  21 Jun

Environmental Protection Pulp And Cutlery Has Broad Market

Environmental protection pulp and cutlery industry has great potential and broad market prospect
Due to the problem of pollution of plastic packaging containers, the importance of paper packaging containers has been...