Cheap Replacement Water Refrigerator Filter 2 EDR2RXD1 Everydrop

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Cheap Replacement Water Refrigerator Filter 2 EDR2RXD1 Everydrop
Compatible with a range of side-by-side and bottom-freezer models, this filter boasts an impressive lifespan of 6 months.
To ensure the highest quality taste, we recommend replacing the filter every 6 months or after filtering 200 gallons of water.
This activated carbon filter effectively reduces over 24 types of harmful pollutants, providing clean and safe drinking water. Designed to work just like the original filter, it's easy to install and requires no tools.
Compatible with W10413645A, EDR2RXD1, P9KB2L, P9RFKB2L, 9903, 46-9903, 9082, 469082
Product Dimensions: 2.5"D x 2.5"W x 8.69"H
Item Weight : 0.4 Pounds

Question: Will this filter fit the KitchenAid model KFIS29PBMS00?

Answer: I have a KFIS29BBMS02 model and this filter worked perfectly for it. To ensure compatibility, I suggest you visit the official KitchenAid website and search for your specific model number. Once you locate your model, you can browse for replacement filters that are compatible with it.

Question: What is the micron rating of this filter?

Answer: According to my research, this filter has a micron specification of <0.11, which means it effectively filters out very small particles.

Question: Can I use this cartridge in my EveryDrop Whirlpool refrigerator?

Answer: This cartridge works great in my refrigerator, but I recommend checking your owner's manual to see if it lists the parts and part numbers of your unit. This will help you determine if this filter is compatible with your specific refrigerator model.

Question: How frequently should I replace the filter?

Answer: Typically, a reminder to change the filter will appear on the control panel of your refrigerator. In my experience, I replace my filter about every 5-6 months. However, the frequency of filter replacement may vary depending on your usage and water quality.

Part of reviews:
I've been searching for a substitute to the expensive brand-name filters, and these filters were a revelation. They were priced at less than half of what I would have paid for the brand-name filter, and they worked flawlessly. Although the neck of the filter was shaped differently than the brand-name filter, I found that by leaving the little attachment on during installation, it depresses the sensor, and the fridge doesn't even recognize the difference. These economical filters exceeded my expectations, and I will only purchase them from now on instead of spending $50 on a single filter. I purchased them from, and it was a fantastic deal.
This time, I decided to try the Filter2 version of these filters due to their versatility and positive reviews. These filters worked just as well as the original ones, eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors while providing a fresh, clean scent. The filters functioned superbly, lasting approximately six months and meeting my expectations perfectly.

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