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How long should abdominal muscle practice every day

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How long should abdominal muscle practice every Everyone wants to be in the ultimate shape, so some people regularly go to health clubs for sports and fitness. The abdominal muscles are the easiest muscles to develop in sports and fitness, but it takes some time to develop them. However, it depends on the health condition of each person, so it takes a different amount of time to exercise the abdominal muscles.
How long do you exercise your abdominal muscles per day?
Exercising your abdominal muscles only requires one or two positions. The key to abdominal training is the resistance strength of the poses, not the higher the frequency. For example, you can do 200 push-ups at a time, which is not as good as if you could only do 10 push-ups from both ends. Because it is physical strength to be able to perform more than 200 exercises, there is no significant impact on the enlargement and thickening of muscle tissue.
Four positions to exercise your abs: push-ups, leg lifts in the supine position, hanging legs from both ends, (increasing strength of resistance). If you can do 10 to 20 push-ups, then do supine leg lifts; you can do 10 to 20 supine leg lifts, so you can do them at both ends. And so on. Practice three times a week, three sets at a time up and down in one position.
Also, if the body fat is higher than 10%, it will cover the trained abdominal muscles. This is why sumo has no muscles. If you have a small abdomen, you need to run for 40 minutes to lose weight. Go up and down three to five times a week. If you can't run for 40 minutes at a time, you can walk quickly for a while in between.
There are usually eight abdominal muscles, and if you stick to push-up exercises, the first six can present themselves quickly. However, the lower two belong to the lower abdominal muscles, push-ups can not make them exert strength, so hanging legs and leg lifts are the best training method.
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