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how to exercise chest muscles

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how to exercise chest musclesHaving pectoral muscles is the dream of many men; it means a strong body. If you want to have that kind of body, it is important to strengthen your workout and perseverance is the most important thing. Having pectoral muscles will give every girl a sense of belonging. If you want to have that kind of body, it is easy to lift dumbbells or go to a health club. All kinds of fitness exercises will have an effect on the body muscles. It depends on each person's ability to stick with it. Exercise and fitness can not only improve the resistance of the body, but also exercise the body.

1. Flexion and extension of the double bar.

As a chest preparation activity, the key is to create the lower chest.

Key points of the gesture.

Elbows clamped, upper body extended forward, jaws inward, slightly including the chest. This position must be maintained both at the beginning and at the end. The bottom of the position does not need to be placed too low to prevent the shoulder joint from dislocating causing a lot of work stress.

2. Dumbbell platform press.

Create full breast fat percentage. Different grip distances are critical for different stimulation. Work the middle of the pectoralis major in a slightly narrower way, work all the muscles as wide as the shoulders, and work the sides of the pectoralis major in a slightly wider way. If it is wider, it will focus on training the posterior bundle of the deltoids.
3. Position of the feet.

Separate your legs at an angle of 45 and place them flat on the floor, which will provide a strong point of support. If you try to step on the bench, reliability will be poor, and you need to share some strength to control the stability of core strength, so you can not take full advantage of the greater energy to exercise the pectoral muscles.

Key points: do not lift your butt and waist from the chair.

3. Upward tilt dumbbell push:.

Exercise the upper pectoralis major muscle. The advantage of the barbell over dumbbells is that there is no restriction of the barbell bar, you can fully stretch the pectoralis major. Be careful not to send it too low to prevent muscle contusion. This exercise is performed in front, and it requires a lot of energy due to the random net weight. The angle of view of the inclined column is controlled between 30 and 45 degrees. If the angle of view is large, the more stress there is to work on the anterior deltoid, which can affect the drive of the muscle.

As mentioned above, I look forward to giving you a reference. In general, there is no need to train the muscles in a short period of time. In addition to exercising the pectoral muscles, we should also pay attention to nutritional balance and attention, eat more high-protein ingredients, and maintain adequate sleep quality during the exercise. With the development of society, everyone is paying more and more attention to their physique, and boys want their bodies to be strong.
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