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jog for 10 minutes

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Running is a great aerobic exercise for weight loss. Jogging usually has many benefits for the body. Not only is it good for fat burning, but it is especially good for weight loss and maintaining all the normal physical and mental health of the body. Nowadays, more and more peloton has just started to join jogging activities. The following web details the benefits of jogging for each individual and also some common problems in running. I hope the details on the web will be helpful to you.
One, you should know before running
1, reasonable diet
For those who want to run after work, it is recommended to eat something at the right time. Do not run on an empty stomach to prevent low blood sugar or weakness; an hour before running, you can choose fresh fruit, oatmeal health drink or soda cake with good digestion and absorption.
Do 10 minutes of upper and lower muscle tension exercises before jogging
Muscle stimulation before jogging can improve the efficiency of fat burning in the body. After muscle tension exercises, people can metabolize children's growth hormone, which promotes body fat burning fruit enzymes, making body fat ignite more efficiently. Doing 10 minutes of squats or abdominal muscle exercises will be very practical.
Two things to pay attention to when jogging
1, jogging rhythm
Warm-up exercise before running is a must. After a simple static data flexion and stretch, it is recommended that you warm up in the first phase of fast walking. After running a short distance from shallow to deep, you will start to speed up or increase the distance. While running, the muscles of the body should release pressure, the arms should certainly shake, the head should rise to the lower abdomen and the weight should move slightly forward. It is recommended to use abdominal breathing. The breaths should be long and kept in rhythm. You can breathe in two steps, then inhale,.
2, jogging while having a talking rhythm
This does not mean that the faster you run, the faster your body fat will be burned. It is important to show enough oxygen to the blood and muscles to ignite the fat in your body. Therefore, it makes more sense to jog for long periods of time at a pace that doesn't make it easy to breathe.
Jogging often helps to improve the quality of people's sleep and has a good practical effect on relieving stress at work. In short, jogging usually has many health benefits. If you have the time, why not jog more often? The above is a compilation of some of the benefits of jogging. There are many benefits of running, but there are also some common problems. This requires everyone to pay more attention in their daily life and jog at the right time.
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